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Whether relocating, downsizing, upgrading or building a new home, trust experienced realtor Dawn M. Gilley with all of your Bucks County, Montgomery County and Philadelphia real estate needs. Viewed by her clients as a trusted friend always willing to go the extra mile to add that personal touch, Dawn practices what she preaches: She lives in picturesque Bucks County, home to historic Doylestown, PA and amid a treasure-trove of gorgeous Bucks County real estate and a stone’s throw from Montgomery County real estate and Philadelphia real estate.

Dawn provides insight that can help you make positive, informed decisions about your real estate transaction, regardless if you are buying or selling. A jack-of-all-trades realtor, she excels in challenging real estate ventures, including short sales, pre-foreclosures and land acquisitions. Her specialties include development, relocation and, befitting of her Philadelphia, Bucks County and Montgomery County real estate coverage area, historic preservation.

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Fun National Days to Celebrate in September

September is upon us! School is starting, the weather is cooling off and fall is knocking at the door. Pretty soon, pumpkin-flavored everything will be hitting the market and the holiday season won’t be too far behind. Unfortunately, other than Labor Day on the 6th, September doesn’t really lay claim to any big holidays like October, November or December. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t reasons to celebrate!  

Just like any other month of the year, September is full of smaller, slightly obscure holidays that you won’t find on many calendars. Add a little excitement into your week by throwing in a few celebrations you wouldn’t normally participate in!  

National Days in September to Celebrate:

  • September 3rd — National Food Bank Day
  • September 4th — World Beard Day
  • September 6th — National Read a Book Day
  • September 11th — Patriot Day & National Day of Service and Remembrance
  • September 12th — National Grandparent’s Day
  • September 15th — National Double Cheeseburger Day
  • September 19th — Talk Like a Pirate Day
  • September 22nd — National Ice Cream Cone Day
  • September 29th — National Coffee Day 

Have a Great September!  

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